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 ====== Downloads== ====== Downloads==
 =====Scheduler -- A Windows CRON Alternative== =====Scheduler -- A Windows CRON Alternative==
-Scheduler was created for internal network operations at ICA. +Scheduler was created for internal network operations at ICA. It is a standalone EXE that can manage complex schedules for executing tasks. Multiple copies can be run simultaneously if each EXE is given a different name. The .INI configuration file name follows the EXE file name
-It is provided here as-is where-is with no warranty express or implied. +Scheduler is free to use, but may not be redistributed without permission.   
 +It is provided as-is where-iswith no warranty express or implied. 
   * {{ |}} 400kB   * {{ |}} 400kB
-    * Full documentation included.  +    * Full PDF documentation included. 
- +
-{{:downloads:scheduler_main.png?400 |}}  +
-{{:downloads:scheduler_detail.png?300 |}} +
 +{{:downloads:scheduler_main.png?direct&400 |}}
 +{{:downloads:scheduler_detail.png?direct&300 |}}
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